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Play Blackjack games in your favourite Golden Eko Casino.

About Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino card games in the world. It’s absorbing, challenging, exciting and easy to play. In Blackjack you play against the Dealer. To win your card total must be greater than the Dealer’s total, but not exceed 21.Play Blackjack games in your favourite Golden Eko Casino.


Convenience, and no need to tip while playing online.

You can play more hands per hour.

The ability to play heads up against the dealer.

The ability to move from table to table and avoid a bad shoe.

The opportunity to play single deck blackjack heads-up.

  1. Each player places a bet in the betting areas marked on the layout. All Players receive two cards and the Dealer one.
  2. The Players are asked in turn whether they wish to ‘draw’ another card or ‘stay’ with the total they have.
  3. Once all Players have finished the Dealer draws cards to their hand.
  4. The Dealer must draw a card if they have 16 or less. When the Dealer’s hand reaches a total of 17 or more they cannot draw another card.
  5. All winning bets are paid even money with the exception of any Blackjacks.
When the first two cards dealt to your hand are a pair you may split them to create two separate hands, by placing an additional stake equal to the original bet.

Perfect pairs is an exciting new feature on Blackjack giving you the option to place an extra bet that your first two cards will be either a Perfect Pair (30-1), a Coloured Pair (10-1) or a Mixed Pair (5-1).

21 + 3

21+3 is an optional bonus bet that introduces an element of Poker into Blackjack. It combines your first two cards with the Dealer’s first card, to make a three card Poker hand.

At the same time as you place your standard Blackjack bet, place your 21+3 wager in the betting area provided. If your first two cards combine with the Dealer’s first card to make any of the following Poker hands, your wager will be paid at 9-1.

Flush – Three unrelated cards of the same suit

Straight – Three consecutive cards of differing suits

Three of a kind – Three cards of the same denomination e.g. three sevens

Straight flush – Three consecutive cards of the same suit

If your cards do not make one of these Poker hands, your 21+3 wager will lose but your Blackjack wager remains unaffected. Play will continue once all 21+3 side bets have been settled.

Play Blackjack games in your favourite Golden Eko Casino.

Learn the value of the cards. Learn your choices: Understand the "House rules Recognize the implications of insurance, splitting, doubling down and surrender. Understand card counting