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American Roulette

American Roulette

Everyone has heard of American Roulette – it is fast paced and simple to play!

About American Roulette

Are you looking to get into the exciting world of online Casino?
What Is Your Lucky Number? Everyone has heard of American Roulette – it is fast paced and simple to play! Whether you play a single number or a combination of numbers the excitement builds as the dealer spins the ball! If you’re new to the game or want to brush up your skills, why not let one of our experienced croupiers teach you how to play with our learn to play casino experience, before hitting the tables yourself.Roulette has offered glamour, mystery, and excitement to casino-goers since the 17th century. The game is popular in casinos worldwide in part because its rules are relatively simple and easy-to-understand. However, roulette offers a surprising level of depth for serious betters.


Know the equipment.

Know the different "inside" bets.

Learn about "outside" bets.

Realize your odds.

Know the procedure of a round.

Place your bets.

Roulette is a game of chance. The roulette wheel is marked with numbers 0 (zero) through to 36. The numbers are coloured red and black and the 0 (zero) is green. Colour and number combinations make for lots of ways to bet such as on individual numbers or groups of numbers
– You will be given different coloured chips to play with. They make it easier for both the Players and the Dealer to see whose chips are whose. – Place your chips on a number of combination of numbers. – You can continue to place your bets whilst the dealer spins the ball. The dealer will let you know when to stop betting by saying ‘no more bets’. – When the ball lands in the winning number the dealer will clear the table leaving only the winning bets remaining, which are then paid out accordingly.
  1. Even Chances – Red, Black, Odds, Evens, High, Low – pays 1 – 1
  2. Dozens – 1 to 12, 13 to 24, 25 to 36 – pays 2 – 1
  3. Columns – 1st, 2nd, 3rd – pays 2 – 1
  4. Single Numbers (called straight ups) – 1,2,3,4 etc. – pays 35 – 1
  5. Splits – A chip placed between adjacent numbers- pays 17 – 1
  6. A Street – A strip of three numbers – pays 11- 1
  7. Corners – The corner of four numbers – pays 8 – 1
  8. Six-Lines – Strips of six numbers – pays 5 – 1

If the ball doesn’t land on your number in the Roulette wheel, you lose your bet to the House. If the winning number is zero all stakes on the even chance bets will lose half of the stake to the house.

Place Your Bet(s)
Before the game begins, players place their chips onto the bets of their choosing. At a casino, it is better to let the dealer place the chips for you, so that you don’t interfere with other players.

Dealer Throws Ball
Once betting is closed, the dealer will spin the ball along the edge of the roulette wheel. Some offline versions of roulette will allow betting while the ball spins.

The Result
Once the ball loses momentum it will begin to fall. After a few bounces, the ball will come to rest in one of the numbered pockets. If you bet on that number, you win.

Spin Again, Change Bet, En Prison
You have the option to spin again, or choose a new betting strategy. If the game has the En Prison rule, you can continue to play with your bet from the last round. However, this bet is ‘in prison’.
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Straight up Pays35 To 1
Split Up Pays17 To 1
3 Numbers Pays11 To 1
4 Numbers Pays8 To 1
6 Numbers Pays5 To 1
Dozen Pays2 To 1
Column Pays2 To 1
Chances Pays1 To 1
  1. Each game begins with the placing of bets. There are three possible outcomes: Player win, Banker win, and tie. The player places the chips in the appropriate fields.
  2. Once the bets are placed, 2 cards are dealt with the player.
  3. The essence of the game is to score 9 points.
  4. The denominations define the value of the card.
  5. 2 cards are dealt with the player and banker if the player scores less than 5 points, another card is dealt with him/her.
  6. In turn, another card is dealt with the banker on the condition that he scores less than 4 points. Otherwise, the player and banker do not get a third card.
  7. The winner is the one who scores 9 points or more per hand.
  8. Bets are paid according to the winning fields.